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how to create blur effect

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i want to know how to add the blur effect (like the one created with the blur spell) to always be on one of my characters. this for IWD2 and i am using dalekeeper2. i can use the other editing programs if necessary but i like this one best. can anyone help? thanks

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actually i think i got it. i have the affect enabled from casting a spell. if i chaege the time to 0 it should remain there forever correct?

damn, nope. puting it to 0 disables the effect. how can i make it last forever?

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I read about someone who gave himself permanent Improved Alacrity by changing the duration to -1.


If that does not work, it should be possible to change the timing mode to 9, but I don't know how to do that with dalekeeper2.

i think -1 does the trick! thanks :worship:

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There were two values mentioned. Duration and timing method.



For durations, 88888888 is the highest possible value. Anything higher is used as absolute time, (not duration but expiration). Uhm, in this context, negative numbers are considered higher than positive numbers (because the highest bit is 1).


Timing method:

each value has a distinctly different meaning. See IESDP for more info.

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