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Another newb question

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I know it is going to be a duh, but how do you initiate player initiated dialogs? And could you give me a blow by blow step by step discription including things like


Ex: 1. Click KC.


2. etc....


Sorry, I have no idea how. I'm silly and new to Neverwinter Nights 2. Heck practically the only reason I bought the game was so I could play this mod, but I have yet to meet Casavir or Bishop and I'm really enjoying the game.

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Yea, the interface is not exactly intuitive, and there is not much of a tutorial at the start of the game. To initiate dialogue with any npc you right click their portrait and HOLD it for a second or two. You get a little context menu including "talk to". That's how you start the flirts later, too :)

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I thought I fixed Bevil's prologue conversation. Ah, well, I'll add that to my "fix it" list. Along with three typos and Bevil's Act 3 dialogue. That boy has issues. He must be made of teflon: fixes don't stick.

No no no no! That's not what I meant. I never tried to talk to him because I didn't know how. So maybe there is a bug or maybe not, I don't know. I was past having him in the group by the time I asked how to talk to companions.

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