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When I first stumbled upon Facebook a little over a year ago, I was amazed to see that there was no fanpage for Baldur's Gate. With little knowledge of design or anything else, I still made one. Today, it has over 6000 fans, and is growing fast. However, I have neither the time nor the inclination to update the page as it rightly deserves with such a fanbase. So here is my offer:


If anyone thinks this is a project they are willing to spend time on, making you an admin is something I'd be more than willing to do. It demands of you only dedication and proper updating. I'll stay on as administrator, but I solemnly swear not to change anything you change. I will, so to speak, keep my hands away from the site totally. The reason I'm staying on, is because my one demand is that it will still link to SHS, Gibberlings Three and Pocketplane without regard for the admin's personal taste. To be more frank: If ever the page links to one of these three sites, it must link to the other two also.


On a similar note, should you generally link to another community, say, Blackwurm Lair or somesuch, linking to the other sites is also necessary.


Of course, if you link to a specific file, or PPG's modlist for instance, I won't demand you link to every other community. I only demand this, when posting links in general, for example: "Hey guys, you should check out *insert community*, it has all the information you'll need on Baldur's Gate."


The reason for this is, from my point of view, these communities are vastly the most dominating within the game's fanbase, and none of them should be treated as superior to the other when bringing attention to the public :p


If I get more than one person expressing interest in the project, I'll probably just make all admins, unless 5 or more express interest, in which case it will probably be "first come first served" or something similar.


That said, just launch a PM my way, if you've an interest in this regard.


- Casper


PS. Here's a link, so you can see the page for yourself.

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And a ton of other Baldur's Gate communities. I knew I was going to receive a beating for this, but it is impossile to include all of the communities everytime the page links.




(Or, you could pick up the project, do it yourself)

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Hi! Just wanted to say that the page has reached well over 7.000 members, which gives me the chance to offer you some marketing for your mods :)


If you want your mods to reach a wider audience than these 'ere forums, you can drop me a line on




containing a) a link to your mods website/forum and b) the message you wish posted on the fan-page.


Hope you'll take the chance, so we can spread the modding love! :party:

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