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New BG2Effects.dat released!


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With TBG down and several posts lost, as well as finding continual oversights, etc., I have decided enough is enough, so I made a fairly large update on the BG2Effects.dat file.


Luckily, several of the TBG posts have been archieved by igi, and the non-archieved threads are something I memorized. Rather than bothering to post 'em and wait for a new .dat version, I made on myself.


It includes updates such as: Dispel Magic's parameters, Bardez' valuable post at TBG, etc.


Several of the BG2 effects (such as the immunity to projectile) also extend to the BG1 modding platform. However, I was too lazy to make a BG1Effects.dat file.


You can get it here: http://forums.blackwyrmlair.net/index.php?act=ST&f=8&t=141



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I'm moving this to the archive forum:

1) I like a tidy forum, and since I cant add this to the IESDP, I'll never get to move it, if I dont move it.

2) The new IESDP .dat files will be out soon. I mean it this time.

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