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Do i have to fill all 5 slots or a protagonist + a sidekick will be enough trigger the talks?


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I am a fan of solo-ing and the main reason I am going to play this mod is to have someone to talk too in order to shrug off the monotonous hack-and-slash feeling I get.


However I am not too wild about going off with a full party and i think I'll just take one NPC at a time with me. So my questio nis: if i do this, will something get messed up or am I in the clear?


Also Im reading between the lines that there'sa "P" button that is used in this mod to cause some shenanigans. Would someone care to elaborate on this for me?



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The mod has 3 types of interactions:


NPC-NPC banter (including the romantic conflicts) - you will miss it if you go solo+1


The other types of intearctions you will see, and those will be interjections in the existing dialogues and talks between the NPC and the PC.


The talks are scripted to appear in particular chapters, stretching throughout the game, so if you rotate the NPCs to fill one slot, you won't see the entire sequence of the dialogues.


"P" button can be used to initiate the talks before the timer expire, but they are chapter based, so you can only get everything up tp the end of the chapter you are currently in.


I think a slightly better strategy will be picking 2 NPCs that have a lot of content with one another (such as Nord and Hildury or 2 romances for your gender), which will still give you a smal party, that won't chat too much, but still will chat and will therefore break monotony, and won't direct all their revelations and banter at your PC.

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