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Cre file 0x0011 (creature flags)


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Treating 0x0011 as a dword, 0x00000001 is is listed as unknown, but it is quite often set (at least for party members in a .gam). I dont know it's purpose, but it seems to be used.

Totally random guess - SetBeenInPartyFlags sets this?

Though, it only appears to be set on 'monsters' (as opposed to undead, or animals). Who knows?


Also 0x05000000 also shows up a lost. It could possibly be related to having attached effects, as most creatures with these bits set seem to have effect attached.

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NI treats this set of flags as a DWord, starting at offset 0x10 in CRE files (all versions), which I think is proper. IESDP shows the first two bytes as Bytes and the upper half as an unused/unknown word at offset 0x12. You can't make a DWord starting at offset 0x11 without overrunning the Experience Value of the creature at offset 0x14.


The only unknown flags I've seen in NI, using the suggested DWord format, are bits 24 and 26, which don't seem to fit a pattern. Abazigal (ABAZIGAL.CRE) has them set, and he has attached effects, but so does the child (AMGRAV01.CRE) by the Amkethran graveyard, who has no attached effects. I'm guessing these flags are either used somehow by scripts, or are leftover artifacts from Bioware's editors (or maybe they mean something in ToB).

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Guest Avenger

You are correct with SetBeenInParty, it is 0x8000 if you treat this field as a dword.

Also creareafl.ids in iwd2 makes use of the same field.

In GemRB we call it multi-class flags, because those were found first, but in iwd2 those bits are unused while the higher bits are used. For example total character invulnerability is possible by setting one of these bits.

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Guest Avenger

I think Igi meant the field as 0x10, as bit 1 of 0x10 is truly unknown, but bit 1 of 0x11 is the fallen ranger bit.

1 - unknown

2 - remove corpse

4 - keep corpse




0x0800 - exportable

0x1000 - unknown

0x2000 - unknown

0x4000 - unknown

0x8000 - been in party (bg2)


IWD2 bits:

0x8000 ENABLED (iwd2)




0x80000 NO_TALK





I tested the invulnerable bit with success.

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