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Something for Peony!


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Unfortunately, it is such a pain in the butt to keep the non-native animation on the character in IWD2 at any instance of levelling up, dying etc, I dunno if I have heart even trying. If someone can intergrate it seamlessly, I would gladly add the update, but as of now nothing really works well.

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Just to clarify, this isn't an animation tweak, this actually modifies the EXE, and if the gender and race animation calls for a gnomish female mage, it supplies a gnomish female mage, with neither beard nor hairy feet. Well, actually, it supplies a dwarven female, but when the sprite is 3/8" high, it looks like a gnome. So no spells are needed, at leveling or at any other time.


Erephine has already given permission to use the mod for another project, but when she gets the mage animations fully functional in IWD2, I'll ask her about this one, and pack it up (along with whatever other updates are needed, typos or the like).

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