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I know Kara-Tur is the equivalent to feudal Japan in FR, but is there any formal information about it? Is it a lot like feudal Japan was, or does it have its own rules and customs? Need the information for Yoshimo banters, and thought asking them here instead of my own forum would give me more answers.

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You might try going to the Wizards of the Coast site and doing a search for it. In the meantime, this is what the Campaign Settings has to say:


The hordelands stretch for hundreds up hundreds of miles, easat from the lands of Rashemen and Narfell.  Yet east of east, beyond the sunrise, lies a vast and marvelous land of legend known as Kara-Tur.  Mountains as tall as the sky, impenetrable jungles, and empty grasslands claimed by the fierce Tuigan tribes stand between Faerûn's easternmost lands and the sprawling empires of Kara-Tur.


Kara-Tur is reputed to be a land of silk, spice, and gold, a beautiful land ruled by haughty and cruel warlords.  Travelers speak in awe of the Shou Empire, a kingdom thousands of miles in extent guarded by a mighty wall.  In Shou Lung, it is said, the temples are roofed in gold, and the Emperor presides over a court of a thousand kings and a million swords.


From these fantastic lands a single trade route wends its way westward.  The Golden Way crosses the great expanse of the Hordelands, winds through Rashemen and Thesk and finally meets the Inner Sea at the port of Telflamm.  Here Shou silk and exotic spices from the isles of Wa arrive in Faerûn after a journey covering thousands of miles and lasting many months.  The Golden Way remains open only at the sufferance of the Tuigan, who sometimes exact ruinous tribute for their forbearance or shut down the road altogether.

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Actually, Kara-Tur is an entire continent and is thus the equivalent of the whole of Asia, not just Japan :). The individual countries in it (Shou Lung, Kozakura, etc) are based on real world countries, including China and Korea, as well as Japan.


You can find out a bit more about the place here.

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Thank you very much. I think thsi is enough, after all I am not going to explain the whole Kara-Tur in my mod :)  Just wonder then where Yoshimo is supposed be from, if there are so many countries...

From the small amount of information from the Campaign Settings, my guess would be he's from one of the islands of Wa.

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