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Projectile unknowns


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In Spark flags (0xc)


bit 3 (value=8): - looping for the second sound resource (bit 2 was for the first sound resource)


In flags field (0x100)


bit 8 and 9 are effective only when bit 7 is set.

As it was already known bit 7 is the blend (per pixel transparency) flag.

Bit 8 and bit 9 somehow alter blending, this has something to do with gamma correction.

A lot of game option flags affect this, so the exact effects of these 2 bits are still unknown.


In the AOE bitfield (0x200)


bit 8 (value=0x100): - explosion count is based on caster's mage level (non mages get one explosion, mages get multiple). Monsters will get explosion count (duration), based on their level.

bit 9 (value=0x200): - dltcep calls this 'multiple set off', it is actually, a similar flag than the previous bit. The number of explosions also depend on the caster level (bit different from the previous bit).

These 2 bits also work for items.

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bit 5 (0x20) in spark flags makes the sparks covered by actors (this causes the sparks resemble more like snail trails, though they still 'fall').

This is a rather useless flag, but for completeness' sake it had to be found.

There are no more bits used in the spark flags.


Just for clarity:

1 - render sparks

2 - flying projectile (the projectile is raised to approximately arms height)

4 - looping sound resource1

8 - looping sound resource2

16 - ignore center (the caster) (probably useful only with area effects)

32 - snail trail like sparks (useful only with rendering sparks)

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