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Arcane Remix - testers needed!


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I had a sudden nostalgia attack this afternoon, and decided to have a brief look through the work rooms of some of the projects I was contributing to and working on back in in the day. Reading through the Arcane Remix workroom, I couldn't help but be reminded: "holy crap, version 1 of this mod is actually almost complete!"


IIRC the only reason nothing ever happened is because I didn't have time to write up any documentation for it. If I can get some people willing playtest this sucker, then I'll certainly be up for finally writing the text :(.


A quick read through the .tp2 file suggests I completed the following content:



Main component:


- PnP spell tables

- PnP spell revisions (includes changes to schools, effects, durations, ranges, casting times, etc; in total around 140 arcane spells are changed)

- Revised joinable NPC spellbooks (only Edwin's has been manually altered, but others may be affected by various automated adjustments)

- 7 new spells


Optional components:


- Stricter school exclusions (most specialists are restricted from two schools, rather than only one)

- 8th & 9th level scrolls unusable by bards

- Scrolls require higher intelligence (two versions: less than spells, and same as spells)

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If you don't get any takers (and I don't know why there wouldn't be, despite newer spell-revising mods) post me a link. I don't have a whole lot of extra time, but I can at least tack it on to other stuff I'm testing, and possibly even help with the documentation.

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