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Create Item (122,255)


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Both of these opcodes use P3. The secondary charges of a charged item will be set to this value. Strangely enough, the tertiary charges are set to 3 in this case.


Btw, i was unable to confirm that opcode 255 creates an item for days.

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I tested these opcodes quite a few times, and I got these results:

P1 = primary charges

P2 = irrelevant

P3 = secondary charges

The tertiary charges were always set to 0.

The 'cant steal' item flag was set on the resulting item.

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You prematurely archived this thread.

The tertiary charges are stored in P4 (this field is after P3 in an external effect).

My problem with #255 was that it takes the duration from the calling effect.

So the 'days' thingie is confirmed.

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