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This is used for the 'scorcher ice' projectile.

In bg1 this was used for the wand of frost (wand06).


The bam isn't used in any other projectile, so it would be trivial to change its palette from red to blue.

(swapping the red and blue palette values in it would do the trick).

Anyway, the projectile looks much better in blue, like in bg1.


In bg2 this projectile is used only in a few places, most of them appear to be easter egg. (dr frosty's death ray)

And some spell called 'frost'.

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The scorcher should be the same for ice and fire... the naming convention looks like sp (spell) scor (scorcher) ic (Icewind).


Ice scorcher should actually be one of Irenicus' pedestal traps, so the projectile is used.


The animation in BG2 isn't recolorable, whereas the old BG animation is. They did the same thing with the new style fireballs, although they have a special palette for blue/purple fireball in ToB but never used it (but it doesn't work with the impact explosion BAM anyway; it just turns into this ugly brown turd cloud in the middle of the pretty blue fireball).

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spscorch and spscoric are 2 different bams, but with the same content.

spscorch is used for the agannazar's scorcher

spscoric is used for the scorcher ice.

I'm pretty sure spscoric was intended to be blue, why would a wand on the blue pedestal have an agannazar's scorcher like projectile and why would they have 2 BAMs with the same bitmap.

Anyway, i don't care either way, i just noticed that the same projectile in bg1 was blue.

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