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Uhm... which tools are needed and how to do a shield (any item) which looks differently than the default:


a ) when equipped

b ) as an inventory icon

c ) ID in the description.


I am guessing it is BAM workshop for the items b and c. But how to change the look of the equipped item?

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Using IEEP you can change the paperdoll/screen appearance with a panel on the main window, if that's what you mean - though I wouldn't recommend making it a non - shield. :(


If you mean the BAM displayed in the bar at the bottom of the screen (with spells and skills etc) then each extension header has a BAM slot, so shove your new one in there.


Is either of these what you mean? :)

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I think I still remeber the changing BAM's procedure, but changing the item on the paperdoll is something new. Can you elaborate a bit? Say I want to simply recolour the shield - what would I do? If I want to put a new pattern on it? What file do I need to hack in and edit to have the new paperdoll item?

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Oh, if you want to change the colours displayed on the paperdoll you'll need to add some equipping effects to the item - I think the opcode is called Set Item Colour in the .DAT files, but don't recall the opcode number. :(


Lots of items do it - look at Elven Chain or something for an example of the use, it's how it gets the green colour. Or the Jester's Chain. :)


I don't think you can change the actual shape/patterning on the item, though.

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