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Lovetalk Guide

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Here's the outline of Tyris' romance track, with appropriate additional information:



2 - "What made you become an adventurer?"

4 - "Did you get revenge on Sarevok?"

6* - "Do you still want to hear about my parents?"

8 - "A page fell out of your diary..."

10 - "Who was Bhaal?"

12 - "What was Candlekeep like?" (Conflict: J, V)

14 - "Aren't you curious about my warpaint?"

16 - "Have you heard of the Golden Axe?"

18* - "Why don't you talk about your old companions?"

20 -"I feel guilty about my companions..." (Conflict: A, V)

22 - "I'm not used to walking everywhere..."

24 - "Do you remember the first time you killed a man?"

26 - "How do you want to die?"

28 - "Sorry for the teary-eyed nonsense"

30 - "Do you think I should cut my hair?"

32 - "How do you cure the hiccups?"

34* - "Aches and pains" (Conflict: A, J)

36 - "Parlour tricks"

38* - "A bit of fun..."

40 - "Mmm... morning"

42 - "I lied..." (Romance becomes serious)

44 - "Have you ever died?"

46 - "There's something I want you to have..."



2 - "It felt like we'd settled down"

4 - "I can't believe what that monster said..." (After Master Wraith)

6* - "What do you want?"

8* - "So much blood..." (After Saradush sacked)

10 - "My love, before we get going..."

12 - "Just feel the air..." (Triggered in a desert location)

14 - "Do you ever think about the day we first met?"

16 - "This is it, isn't it?" (After final Pocket Plane encounter)


* Triggered on rest

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Valid questions. The LT 34 conflict with Aerie and Jaheira forces a choice.


And Tyris interjects into:

  • Aerie LT 18 ("I don't know if I can face this wretched existence on the ground...")
  • Aerie LT 26 ("I just feel like collapsing here and dying...") which forces a choice
  • Jaheira LT 22 ("I worry sometimes...")
  • Viconia LT 16 ("I may have been exceedingly harsh in my treatment of you once again...")

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Thanks, I plan on testing Tyris 3 in parties, pitted against one of the bioware girls in each and then two additional NPC's. Hopefully I'll have time to complete all three before vacation is over.


Poor Aerie some of her lovetalks are just asking for a rival to point out her pitifull weaknesses.

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