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Could someone at FW ask shed for help? I don't think he comes here. I cant get the lockbox open, and my sister deleted notepad so I can't check the readme. I am a member at FW, but anytime I try to do something it makes me log in, even if I am already. THen I have to do it 3 times for it to work, and I cna't post or PM or email. Please help.

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I have located the problems. The first was when I forgot to add a command in the Weidu .tp2 file (it used to be done by copying a file, but when I updated the mod to WeiDU, I forgot). I also decompiled the dialogue in the wrong format, so it didn't have any text :).I am only wondering why more people never bothered to report these bugs (or possibly play to find it). Uninstall and delete the folder box, the files setup-box.exe and setup-box.tp2.


Look on the mirrors for Box3.exe. Download and install as normal.

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