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If it helps any, this did removed Frozen Death in torment, but the character was still immobilized (which makes sense, given that the only way to set Frozen Death in a cre is via the Set Status Effects opcode).


In order to free the character, I had to kill it, but the opcode works a little.




EDIT: Damn, I just posted this in the wrong section ><;

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How do you set frozen death by effect?

You can set it only by altering the character's state.

And you can't remove that state.


So, what exactly you removed with Defrost, how did you use it, and how did you set that thing you removed with it?

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Effect #186 will set various status effects in the CRE along the same lines as setting the values in the CRE file's Status field. The bit values are the same, and apply for the duration of the effect.


If you set bit 6 (Frozen Death) in this manner, the character would behave as if dead: unselectable, and immobilized. When I used the Defrost effect on the creature, it was back 'alive' again, but totally immobilized: the effect wasn't fully done away with. :)


This is a much better description for Effect #186:


#186 (0xba) Set Status Effect(s) (Non-Dispellable)

    Parameter #1: Set to 1

    Parameter #2: Effect Type


    Adds effects to any the target may have already had.  Note

    that none of these are dispellable by other effects. Enoll

    Eva's Duplication and Zerthimon's Focus use this effect

    to work. The first byte Must be set to 1 to use this effect.


    The secondary parameter determines the status effects applied to the target. The following effects can be done in this manner:

    Sleeping(1) --Sets the 'Asleep' status in target(s)

    Berserk(2)  --Sets the 'Berserk' status in target(s)

    Panic(4)    --Sets the 'Panic' status in target(s)

    Stunned(8)  --Sets the 'Stunned' status in target(s).

  Works on the protagonist.

    Curse(16) --Sets the 'Cursed' status. No penalties

    towards stats.

    Helpless(32) --Sets the 'Helpless' status.

  No portrait change.

    Frozen Death(64) --Immobilizes.

    Petrified Death (128)

    Mirror Image (256)

    Flaming Death (512)

    Acid Death (1024)

    Death (2048)

    Silenced (4096)

    Charmed (8192)

    Poisoned (16384)

    Protection from Critical Hits (32768)

    Bonus Critical Hits (65536)

    Infravision (131072)

    Blind (262144)

    Disease (524288)

    Feeblemind (1048576)

    Non-detection (2097152)

    Duplicated (4194304)

    Blessed (8388608)

    Detect Evil (16777216)

    Invisible (33554432)

    Luck Bonus (67108864)

    Aid (124217728)

    Antimagic Shell (268435456)

    Blur (536870912)

    Embalming (1073741824)

    Confused (217483648)


    Note that all the death effects are in name only, with the

    exception of regular 'death', and will not fuction exactly

    like the regular effects, though they are dispelable by

    the same manner. The only way to remove frozen death is

    to kill the target or some other means, otherwise they will

    be permanately immobilized. Acid and Flaming Death seem

    to have no effect here. The same is true for Mirror Image.


    To set mutliple status effects in the target, add the values for each effect together and set parameter #2 to the sum of these effects.

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