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OK, I'll admit that I've yet to actually play a C/F/M or this mod yet, however I had viewed this class as sort of the ultimate buffing melee type. As a tri-class they will have a fairly low relative THACO, but have access to all sorts of buff spells ranging from Strength, to Mirror Image, to Stoneskin, to Barkskin, etc. The one big downside would be low THACO even after most buffs.


Given my playstyle I figured that they would make good 'meat shields'. I generally have at least one party member who's job it is to soak damage. They don't always have the best HP in the party, though they might. Jahiera often gets this assignment in my games. She gets the best defensive items and loads up on ironskins. This party member's job is to be the first to rush into melee and to draw as many attacks as possible while the rest of the party follows, concentrating on dishing damage out or otherwise subduing foes. Every kill the 'meat shield' makes is a bonus. One of the main benefits of this tactic is to reduce healing needs over several encounters.


However, with this in mind I don't know that 'meat shield' would be a good role for Deheriana. From a RP perspective I just don't see Kivan putting up with this. Having her along on the Bhaalspawn quest would be bad enough given her new found life without putting her in the single most dangerous party job. Secondly from a mechanical point of view her stats just don't seem to support a melee role. Sure with spells and the right items she would be OK, but even so she just doesn't seem durable enough to really do what a first in melee 'meat shield' should.


On the other hand she looks to make a decent slinger, but her magic will be too weak (even with an XP boost) to make her a good secondary, let alone primary, blaster or healer. With Ashes of Embers' universal weapons installed she would be an OK archer type with Shortbow, but still this just seems ... lacking somehow.


So my question is how could I best make use of Deheriana? What tactical role should she have in a 6 person party? What are some good ways to use her most effectively in the game?

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The Fighter class in her 3's come from the backstory that she was a battle mage when Kivan met her and cleric because I wanted a softer edge to her. She also has special abilities, so I saw strong spellcaster as her amplua. I am planning a small improvement to her const and strength if I ever get to ToB part reflecting her recovery, but it will still not be enough, I think, to make a fronter from her. But if you find an interesting way to employ her - please share :)

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Thanks for the info Domi! I'll be curious to see what other folks have to say about in game useage of Deheriana or PC C/F/M types.


Two other quick questions.


1. Did you ever consider Deheriana a canidate for something like BobTokyo's Semi-Multi-Mod? Her low physical stats would seem to support an implimentation like this. I keep having a mental picture of her as a Bard or Blade who can cast mage or cleric spells.


2. How long do you usually take to play Chapter 7 in SoA? Do you rest? Generally I knock Suldanessellar out in about half an hour or maybe a bit more of real time. I don't rest until just before the final confrontation with Jon in Hell if then. Would playing this quickly derail anything you are doing with Deheriana?

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Yes, I considered sorceress-cleric, or blade/cleric, bard/druid but I decided that triple class was exotic enough.


Deheriana's subplot is timered to occur within 2 hours playing time, with the talks scheduled every 30 min (but starting at 10 min, 20 min, 30 min after joining) with Kivan, Aerie and Cernd. Once you collected 3 points on at least one branch (excluding Kivan) she is safe for the ending of the game, but you won't get her personal XP if you do not wait out on the final "I live again" dialogue with Kivan. I should change that actually and add the XP whack to Ellesime's conversation as a back up, the same way I do her dialogue if it did not have time to occur in the game.

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