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Version 1.1 of the FlirtPacks to be uploaded on the Vault shortly


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Hi folks, thanks to Berelinde's tireless work, V1.1 of the romance pack should appear on the Vault in a day or two, so please watch the Vault for the update. Berelinde and I would love to hear very much if Bevil's bug finally got fixed.


The following are the fixes that are included in the new version:


Fixed LT8

Fixed 13_cutscene9 trigger that was breaking Cas' romance... again

Deleted duplicated file in Casavir folder that was causing screwy ending, 3430_cs_enter

File 3430_cs_enter moved from Bishop/dlg to Shared/casavir-bishop

File 21_zhjaeve_in moved from Bishop/dlg to Shared/casavir-bishop

Fixed 7 typos

Fixed repeating LT10

Attempted yet another fix on 21_bevil.

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Berelinde and I discussed going with the non-Vault host, so we can just give a link on the Vault. This will eliminate e-mailing the Vault folks and stuff. Sorry to have dropped a ball on it, I'll chat with the Gibbs and Berelinde, and we'll try to get the situion resolved one way or another.

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It's on the update list. Because the G3 admins are currently swamped with work, it's taking them a while to get mods updated. The mod webpage needs to redirect to the local mirrors, etc. Once this is done, you'll see an announcement.

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