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Greetings, gidday and a grpahics offer


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Hello all. Sorry this intro is so late. I’m kiwidoc- role-player, photo-manip artist and old age hippy!. I’ve been playing RPGs since the days when Dungeons and Dragons was just D&D, and AD&D hadn’t reared it’s ugly head :thumbsup:


If anyone is interested I love playing with graphics. I am not a good enough artist to paint from scratch, but I do a lot of photo-manipulation. I like to match the style of my portraits to the style of the official portraits as close as I can get! I’m offering to make portraits for anyone making mods.


Here’s some examples of my work using a stock photo as a base – click the thumbnails for full size versions













This is a portrait seriesI made from a slightly less legal base *blush* - I’ve included some pix to show the differences between the Bg1 and Bg2 versions, and how match with the NPC portraits.



th_Frith1-L.jpg th_Frith1-comparison.jpg



th_Frith2-L.jpg th_Frith2-comparison.jpg

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Kividoc? I've heard that name somewhere.


Didn't you have a forgotten realms fansite with a lot of data on races or something like that?


Yep thats me. I had to let the site go for financial reasons - and also it got a bit to hard to keep up all on my own. It was fun while it lasted :thumbsup:

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Anyway, it had a lot of cool stuff about races.

Have you thought about compiling it all into a document and putting it on a document site like Scribd?

There is also a few BG moding sites that might use/keep the info, you just have to PM one of the staffers and give a bit info on what you have... and you might just get a whole new free sub-forum section if you need it, or just a pinned topic, or something.
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An excellent idea guys. loads of the information is now out of date because the Wizards keep changing things :) But it all applies to the BG series. I'll have to see if I can make a less garphics heavy version ... when my brain comes back online properly :)

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