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Forgive the Newbie-ness


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I'm new to the whole modding scene and I'm using DLTCEP to just look around and try to help myself figure out how things work.


One feature I was looking for but couldn't find is one that would let me search dialogs, scripts, and so forth all at the same time for certain instances of specific words, triggers, and such.


What I mean is, for example, if I want to find every instance of the word "Drow" in all the dialogs or trigger "X" in the scripts without having to open each one individually, is there a function that would allow me to do that? (I know it's probably already there, but there's no flashing neon sign saying, "Hey, Stupid!" so I haven't found it yet.)


Thanks for the help, all.

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You can look for a specific text in dialog/tlk only. And i think it is a single dialog...


NI is a java based editor basically covering the same core functionality as DLTCEP.

I think it is better suited for this particular task.

Additional gratitude to you, too. I've downloaded and installed it (and getting it to run the first time was an adventure in itself) and once I figure everything out I should be good to go.


Thanks for the assist!

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