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Creature magic level?


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I see... there are a couple of rings that provide that function. I wonder however, if enchantment level is a general item statistic, then why isn't enchantment immunity a defined creature statistic as well. Seems inconsistent.


But then again there's still the matter of the dragon kin which lack such rings, yet still possess the protection.

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Yeah, these games are really inconsistent. You can look for other items, such as a helm or claw which might provide it.
Actually it's consistent through out the game... no creature has automatic weapon immunity to any level... because it can't be coded that way, that's consistency for you!


Now, it's generally in a ring cause they are generally used as protection items for most creatures, but yeah, it can be in a claw, armor or any item the creature is assigned with, and even a spell they cast... Protection from Magic Weapons, anyone?

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