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need help with neeshka crash

Guest wookieboy15

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Have you tried it yet? Now that you have the crash issue sorted out, you might be good to go.


I wouldn't worry about the hair/face mods. We aren't touching that.


Did you ever have a stable installation on this machine, or is this your first time with it.


And I feel your pain about West Harbor. I'm attempting another playthrough to get some saved-games in place for when I do the Sand Romance, and it's been a real drag.

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I have had a 'clean' install of the game before.


I have played this game upwards of 50 times off and on since I got it. (yet for some strange reason I never can remember in exactly which order the game goes. I have a clear idea, but I always miss a few small details).


Sometimes with mods, sometimes without mods, sometimes with cheats and sometimes I would take a different path, sometimes I would investigate what responses I could get with a different race.


You know that cheat to get a feat? You have to type in a small little entry code to get the feat and it stops at a certain point on the list? Well I went beyond that list... Way beyond. Until I started getting epic feats, and feats characteristic of motb and the NWN2 OC. Granted, the powers of the betrayer didn't really work in the NWN2 OC, I just thought it was humorous.


I never really chose the evil options because I don't really tend to swing that way, but I still tend to carry interest in them.


Anyway, yeah, I could take a crack at it and since I don't have any of the mods in yet and all of them really are just cosmetic, I'll see what I can do.

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The notorious double post, once more, for good measure. :cool:


It appears that the Romance pack is indeed working now. There is no audio which is curious considering I saw audio tracks for it, but the flirts are amusing in and of themselves. So, thank you for that and as long as I can pump up the influence with Neeshka and have a convincing romance with her instead of automatically getting saddled up with Elanee or Casavir, then thats cool.


I may want to pop in the environmental mods, but I am a little cautious considering the success of this. I may accidentally welcome the problem right back into my lap and thats not really nice. Nope...


Anyway, thanks for all the help, and I hope my experience can help other people as well.


If you need me for anything later, I may just stick around... for a little bit. :grin:

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Don't be alarmed about the lack of audio. There are a few scattered voiced lines, but mostly, it's silent. "Gibberlings Presents" doesn't exactly have the budget to hire the original VAs. :cool: At one point, we did have music to accompany the various romances, but then SoZ came along and broke the 2da we were using. Well, it didn't break the 2da, exactly, it just filled up all the slots and didn't leave us any to use for the Romance Pack.


And yeah, I am sure that your experience will help others. Thank you for your persistence in getting this all sorted out! Hope you enjoy the mod!

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Well 2 things, I don't have SoZ, so would the music work for me? Or does being a ver. 1.23... blah blah even without SoZ hinder my success?


Also, I found a typo!


When the player character says that they think Neeshka is a wonderful friend and ally, Neeshka responds with:


that sort of crude get's said...


I assume she meant crud?


Anyway, no problem. :grin:


(Also, I am willing to bet you'd be able to find a fan or two with enough free time on their hands, willing to do the voice thing if you are doing the mod thing. Just a thought. :cool: )

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It's the patch messing things up for the music pack, I fear, not SoZ itself.


And there are two reasons not to add more voicing. The first is that, for better or for worse, they chose very distinctive VAs for the NWN2 crew. The difference between the fan-voiced lines and the original game was more jarring than silence. The second reason and the biggest is that the mod is already 26MB. Sound files would easily quadruple that. Have a little mercy on our dial-up players!

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I didn't really think of that... Huh.


Also, found another typo


When you tug on Neeshka's tail as a flirt, one of the responses is this...


"If you're good, I'll show you just what I can do with my tail on of these days."


I assume she means 'one'?


Sorry if I seem picky, but I do notice these things sometimes. :cool:

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Thanks for the typo reports. Hopefully, Domi sees them. Version 4 is already signed, sealed, and uploaded to the servers, but Version 5 will include a full Neeshka romance, so hopefully, she will see these typo reports and get it fixed. If you're a Neeshka guy, there won't be any advantage to versioning up to version 4. It's mostly a Sand flirt-pack upgrade. Unless you want to flirt with Sand, you can safely give it a miss.

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Little fun fact here though. For some strange reason, my companions are immortal.


I don't know how it happened, or why it happened, but for some strange reason, all of my companions can't take damage. This unfortunately means that I take all of the damage and get less experience, but I was curious as to what happened.


I am not sure if I can change it, but I am also not sure *if* I want to change it. Lol


Still, I m letting y'all know, just in case it is part of the mod. :cool:


(P.s - now that the crash issue is over, is there a better place to put these findings? I feel kind of weird posting them here.)

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You get the same XP regardless of what your companions are doing.


You can start another thread, keep posting here, or keep posting here but change the title of the thread to "pinckz's stuff" or whatever else suits you. Somebody should probably start a typos thread at some point.

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Hi guys, it might be a stupid question, but do I need to start a new game after installing the mode, or I could load a save and have the romance options there? Also can I flirt with Neeshka if my hero is a woman? New to the mod thing :) Thanks.

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