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IRC: The Final Moments

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Because we wanted to share the fun we had in the final moments of testing, here is the log of Saturday night's IRC, The Final Moments:


[22:18] <BevH> OK installed.

[22:19] <CamDawg> w00t! Now play the finale and be amazed!

[22:21] <CamDawg> Andy, how ya doing? Still hanging in there?

[22:21] <Andyr> yup

[22:21] <CamDawg> :p

[22:21] <Andyr> must... sleep... soon... :D

[22:21] <Andyr> What time do you have? 20 past 10?

[22:22] <CamDawg> 11:20.

[22:22] <Andyr> 40 minutes left.

[22:22] <Andyr> We can do it! :DDD

[22:22] * Andyr group hug

[22:22] <CamDawg> I'll point out that G3 was founded on West Coast time, so technically we have three hours more. :p

[22:22] <Andyr> heh

[22:22] <CamDawg> But yes, huggles all around. :D

[22:23] <Andyr> ^_^

[22:23] <Andyr> then time to start coding the 2 year mod, aye?

[22:23] <BevH> Good news - I'm in the G12 lair.

[22:24] <CamDawg> Andy: That's LoI. Get cracking.

[22:24] <CamDawg> Bev: Yay!

[22:25] <CamDawg> Be warned, you're likely going to get your ass kicked.

[22:25] * Andyr asplodes

[22:26] <BevH> Probably - I'm just a party of 4 - very early in the game. I don't think 2 days have passed yet.

[22:27] <Andyr> you will be pwned :D CTRL-R is an instant Heal on a party member. ;)

[22:29] * CamDawg preps the site update...

[22:29] * Andyr preps the adrenaline syringe

[22:30] <CamDawg> Hee!

[22:34] <BevH> 4 down 8 to go...

[22:35] <Andyr> :D

[22:38] <BevH> 6 to go...

[22:38] <CamDawg> w00t!

[22:39] <BevH> 4 to go...

[22:39] <Andyr> :D

[22:39] * CamDawg has a mental image of the ball in Times Square

[22:40] <BevH> All DEAD!!!

[22:40] <BevH> Um... now what...

[22:41] <CamDawg> w00t!

[22:41] <CamDawg> That's it. :D

[22:41] <BevH> How do we get out?

[22:41] <CamDawg> Stairs.

[22:41] <BevH> Ah OK...

[22:41] <Andyr> :cry:

[22:42] * CamDawg reve4lzor

[22:42] <BevH> Um... we still have the drinks...

[22:42] <Andyr> heheheh.

[22:43] <Andyr> Also, does Drini drink all of them in the thing before he runs away?

[22:43] <CamDawg> Shoot. Drini didn't take them?

[22:45] <CamDawg> Fixed.

[22:46] <Andyr> I will leave you to inform the PPG peeps and stuff. :D

[22:47] * BevH heaves sigh of relief

[22:48] <BevH> And I've exited out. The map says we're in the slums but we're not.

[22:49] <BevH> It kinda looks like a 'tween area.

[22:49] <Andyr> yep, it is a random encounter one, you leave it to whevever

[22:49] <CamDawg> Yeah, it's a random encounter.

[22:50] <BevH> And if I click to go back to the Slums I just stay put.

[22:50] * CamDawg quickly fixes the drinks problem and re-uploads.

[22:50] <Andyr> :DDdddd

[22:50] <BevH> So, click to any area but the slums?

[22:51] <Andyr> yeh

[22:52] <BevH> Made it to Waukeen's

[22:52] <CamDawg> I wonder what causes that.

[22:52] <Andyr> nothing important.

[22:52] <BevH> Teehee

[22:52] <Andyr> mod released!11111111111111111111:))))

[22:52] <CamDawg> Probably a master area problem or something. For now, though, the mod is released. :D

[22:52] <BevH> You just can't go to the slums cause the game thinks you're already there.

[22:53] <Andyr> maek teh anouncement!

[22:53] <BevH> HIP HIP HOORAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


[22:53] <CamDawg> Hehe. Thank you so much Bev. :DDD

[22:53] * CamDawg huggles

[22:54] * CamDawg huggles Bev

[22:54] * CamDawg huggles Andy

[22:54] * CamDawg huggles ChanServ

[22:54] <BevH> Aw, yousa is welcome

[22:54] * Andyr huggles Bev and Andyr, but not ChanServ, bcoz he is lazy

[22:54] <BevH> Teehee

[22:54] <Andyr> It has been a pleasure modding with you both

[22:54] * Andyr tips his bowler hat

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For the record, though it shows it was just before 11, at GMT that's 5am. I was pretty tired.


And no, sadly I do not actually have a bowler hat. :D

:D That 11 p.m. would be Central Daylight Savings time, since that's where I'm located. We were all pretty tired by then. :D


No bowler hat? How can you possibly pass for John Steed then? :D

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