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Dancer Fitz

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That was quite nice. It flowed almost seamlessly, and you don't beat the reader over the head with any ideas. The imagery was conveyed with ease. I found it elegant, engaging and nicely arranged. =) I mean, it's 4am, I'm tired as poo, and I still stayed up to finish it. :D

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Very good, and almost sublime.


Truthfully, the only problem with your piece I have a problem with isn't in the content or anything, but more on how it was put in.


You may wish to put spaces between the separate topics, and such to make it easier to read.

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Guest Guest_Shadowhawke

Threadspinner, this is one of the most beautiful pieces I have read. :blush: . Well done... you have enscapulated 'beauty' very, very well.

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Thank you to Bri, ShadowHawke, and Userunfriendly for leaving reviews!

Sorry about the funky formatting, I'm highly inexperienced with message boarding. I hope it doesn't make it too painful to read. :rolleyes:

And Userunfriendly, I'm glad it provoked a reaction in you. I know I've started to tear up a bit reading some of your fics as well, but for the opposite reason... they're so funny! :D Especially 'Knights Who Wear Naughty Lingerie.' I thought I was going to rupture something reading it!

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