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Importing creature animations into IWD

Green Knight

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I noticed there was a pack of animations for import into BG2; does anything of the sort exist for IWD?


If not, what do I need to do to import animations between games?


Example: I'd like to get some hobgoblin animations into IWD.

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Well first you'd have to figure out how to patch the IWD .exe so it recognises a new animation slot like MHOB. It might recognise them without patching the .exe, at least some slots, but I would tend to doubt it. You'd want to add the entry for 0x8100 HOBGOBLIN to animate.ids. Then you'd have to copy all the mhob*.bam files over from BG2, but I think they'd have to be in the IWD format, unless it recognises the BG2 format (which I'd also doubt). So that'd be a lot of tedious conversion - see here for more details. Luckily BG2 recognises the IWD animation format, but I don't know if it works in reverse.

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It uses BG animations, and HoW added BG2 animations, so I'd say it supports them just fine. It's likely the slots are all still there (the BG ones, at least; it might not "know" any of the SoA ones beyond what they added) and set to the right animation type, even though BIS didn't use most of them, so just copying the BAMs over and setting some CREs (with S1 or BW weapons) to 0x8100 seems like it probably would work.

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