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Ubuntu, problem with libraries.


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I compiled by myself GemRB and installeg it by './configure && make && sudo make install'.

When i hit gemrb it say's he can not load libgemrb_core or something and falls down.

When i go to gemrb directory and hit ./gemrb (after preparing plugins) it works fine.


Have no idea what to do.


Ubuntu 10.04.



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it is set to GemRBPath=/usr/local/bin/


san@eeepc:/etc$ locate libgemrb_core

with this config, my compiled gemrb (not installed) works fine.

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Try setting it to the full path to the GemRB executable. Before that, I suggest you fetch the latest gemrb with:

git clone git://gemrb.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/gemrb/gemrb

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(I'm just guessing here, so YMMV.)


If GemRB is following the usual convention, you'd need




I think.


That or, try to find the "GUIScripts" directory and use the directory it's in. So if the GUIScripts directory is /usr/share/gemrb/GUIScripts then you'd use /usr/share/gemrb.

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It is quite uncommon - i belive - i today tried gemrb command

(with GemRBPath setted to /usr/local/bin)

and it started to work. Is it possible that it started to work after reboot?



and thanks for all your help.

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