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It's interruptible, but it really is an on/off thing (obviously, it won't persist through reload and such, but it never "returns" while in the active area). If you stick subsequent actions in the same block, for instance, you should see that none are ever executed, because the action never finishes (it can only be interrupted by other blocks).

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No, the RandomWalk() block will remain active (like any normal script block) as long as its conditions are true (if the engine figures that the same block is reached whose actions are currently being executed, it leaves the object alone and starts processing again from the top as if the block were newly executed).


You need to make sure that the block with your desired action is the first one that is true for as long as you need it to be running, but you don't need to worry about subsequent blocks as long as you know the block in action will remain true when it's supposed to.

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