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Gaelan's Contract

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So what kind of a discount were you expecting? Or perhaps if your Bhaalspawn were a pro, how much would she be charging for a tumble? Are we talking 10gp? 20gp(a la Rose Bouquet's special fee in the Bridge District)? 100gp? Or should we be like Eldoth and ask for 5000?


After I played through Gaelan's encounter, I started musing about how much my female Bhaalspawn was worth between the sheets. Certainly more than 20 gold pieces. Good thing I'm not a business major--I should have entered negotiations with a firm ballpark figure in my mind before attempting to use my womanly wiles on Gaelan...


But where do you draw the line between good business and a ridiculous asking price for a female Bhaalspawn who is as well-known as the PC?


Then of course, you can argue that this conversation is completely moot because any Bhaalspawn worth their salt would make more money dungeon crawling than on their backs (Hmm should've thought of that before attempting to reduce the fee :suspect: )

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I think people should pay thousands of gold coins to my pretty Bhaalspawn just because she exists(and doesn't kill them!). But that's just me. :suspect:


I think poor Gaelan would give her a substantial discount if he could. Well, at least ten percent, or something. It's just he has no power to give it, alas. (Maybe he's got a heart made of ice. Maybe. But these elven Bhaalspawn girls can be pretty persuasive).

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