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  1. I made another one. I like it better than the one I made before. I promise I won't make any more of Aran. It should be cropped to 210x330.
  2. Peachplums

    Angelo Fanworks

    http://peachplums.deviantart.com/art/Amaeko-Suu-220965694 I made a fanart of Suu <3
  3. should be Besides, you are not my type. Do you have business, or shall I call the guard?
  4. In "Untested - playing with the inkeeper dialog" And a few other instances of the same word. It's undoubtedly, no? I thought I saw another typo, but I can't seem to find it again : /
  5. So sorry! I know this is off topic, but I didn't want to start a new thread just for a small question. Does anyone remember how old Lanie is?
  6. Hm... since everyone else seems to be contributing to the Aran portrait pool I guess I'll add mine. Please be merciful in your critiques heh. This is the first time I've ever done portrait art and it's definitely not my usual style (which is more akin to cel-shading). I think my biggest gripe with this pic is that it's too... clean. But whenever I try to smudge some dirt on Aran's face it looks like he's been sleeping in a trench instead. You never know, he very well could have been. It did make me giggle, however, when I thought of telling this guy to make me his best pot of dog stew to feed the umberhulks. I think it was the juxtaposition between pot, armor, kitchen and conventional gender roles. Or maybe it was the mental image of Aran in full battle armor wearing an apron and stirring a bubbling pot while yelling at the party who are crowding him in the kitchen. "It'll be done when it's done! Stop asking." and then muttering curses as he tries to find some spices--he has his pride as a cook after all! Even if it is just for umberhulks... I've always imagined the dogs meant for the stew were similar to a rottweiler breed. Rottweilers can get pretty big. That could potentially be alotta meat with all four dogs. It would have to be a large pot. *cough* Ah! I prattle on... I still have the un-flattened psd, so providing that I get some time I might tweak the portrait, or make another attempt to give him a more Baldur's Gatey flavor.
  7. And off on stage left would be my <CHARNAME> spamming Kivan's PID flirt menu just to see his different responses... *cough*
  8. So in the Character Introduction thread, you said that Angelo falls under the likes and respects table for Aran because Aran only knows about him through the Flaming Fists. But in the Love Talk Introduction thread Angelo gets the, "I don't give a rat's arse for what that soddin' bastard thinks, right good companion or not." response (as opposed to his semi-nice reactions for NPCs like Gavin or Kelsey). Does that mean that between the conversations the PC has had with Angelo, Aran pieced together what Angelo's role was in BG1 and his opinion of him changed? Or did Aran realize that even if he was the former commander of the Flaming Fists, he didn't like Angelo after he got to know him. Or maybe I'm just reading too much into this and Aran's being crass because...well, you know, it's Angelo! Who is also exceptionally rough around the edges as well. (I compare it to my brother whose language becomes more coarse when he's around certain friends.) After running a couple of scenarios in my head of possible Aran/Angelo banters...I decided that if the two of them were in the party together, no tavern wench (or wine skin) in Faerun would be safe. And they would both be decidedly hungover the next day after a night of heavy drinking. Imo it would be kind of interesting to see Aran react to the PC's willingness to travel with someone who sentenced them to hang and was formerly in the employ of their homicidal megalomaniacal half-brother, which I think falls under the PC's appreciation of a fine henchman who obeys orders without question, much like Aran. Though I imagine Aran might silently object to some things that Angelo would shrug and respond with, "Whatever you say, Chief." And that is why I think Aran and Angelo would be plausible drinking buddies after working through Angelo's past interactions with PC-- Or doing what my brother does with his friends: "That was a dirt bag thing to do." "Yeah, it was." "You do it again, I'll break your neck." "And you wouldn't be wrong to." *Silence* "Alright, enough of that. Time to break out the booze." Which I believe is the male version of "talking through a problem." *duck and cover* I'm not sexist, please don't shoot! In my heart of hearts, I want Aran's bathing habits to wash off on Angelo. But I know this is an exercise in futility...
  9. So what kind of a discount were you expecting? Or perhaps if your Bhaalspawn were a pro, how much would she be charging for a tumble? Are we talking 10gp? 20gp(a la Rose Bouquet's special fee in the Bridge District)? 100gp? Or should we be like Eldoth and ask for 5000? After I played through Gaelan's encounter, I started musing about how much my female Bhaalspawn was worth between the sheets. Certainly more than 20 gold pieces. Good thing I'm not a business major--I should have entered negotiations with a firm ballpark figure in my mind before attempting to use my womanly wiles on Gaelan... But where do you draw the line between good business and a ridiculous asking price for a female Bhaalspawn who is as well-known as the PC? Then of course, you can argue that this conversation is completely moot because any Bhaalspawn worth their salt would make more money dungeon crawling than on their backs (Hmm should've thought of that before attempting to reduce the fee )
  10. He was clean shaven in The Count of Monte Cristo (James Caviezel ) but that was before Tristan & Isolde so he was even younger back then... And I wait with bated breath for the Horatio alternate.
  11. A woman scorned is Loviatar's avatar -- Gah! The matching of the sounds is too much for a common expression in my ears. A woman scorned is Loviatar's kiss/embrace -- I like the Loviatar reference, as I'm sure you could tell. "budding hips"? My initial thought was "blossoming," but neither it nor budding quite sound the same when you drop the 'g' as Aran is wont to do.
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