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  1. If it's done, and it's done believably, I'll look forward to it and play it.
  2. Kitana

    Angelo Fanworks

    (Originally: Fanart~) Well, I was having fun beta-testing Angelo up until the point where some stuff came up with school that kept me unexpectedly busy. So, since I probably won't get the chance to do much more playtesting before v1, what with finals coming up next week... At some point in between writing an essay and putting together a monologue, I did get the chance to draw. And while it's not much (the quality of the image is terrible; I still don't have access to a working scanner), I thought it turned out rather cute. On the left- my PC, Lyria (half-elven ranger, stalker kit); on the right, Angelo. Still in the very very early stages of the romance.
  3. I'm sorry, I didn't see anything specific about Tutu in the readme (other than a line about Tutu + SoA in the version history), and I saw what it said about saves for BG2, but I didn't know if that applied to Tutu, hence the question. From the readme- It took me a while to realize that yes, it would work for Tutu as well. I don't think this is really all that evident for people who don't know much about the technical how-things-work (for lack of a better phrase; I just woke up but thought I should point this out anyways, sorry if this sounds silly or unclear).
  4. Still looking forward to more Gavin, and I think it's great that BG2 and ToB are coming out at the same time, even if it means it'll take longer.
  5. I'm rather confused. I'm not sure if this problem is due to Level One NPCs or something else, but I'm going to take a guess and think it might be either this or BG2 Tweaks' Improved Multi-Player Kick-out Dialogues, or some combination of the two. Whenever I kick NPCs from the party I get, instead of individual NPC kick out dialogues, a different one which I don't remember getting for NPCs before installing Level One NPCs; so far as I know the Improved Multi-Player Kick-out Dialogues should only affect characters generated in Multiplayer. I'm not sure, though. So, normally that wouldn't really be much of a problem. But in Jaheira's quest, there are a few times when she leaves the party and returns. The first time Meronia comes and asks her to return with her to the Harper Hold, she usually returns saying something along the lines of "Hail there. I said I would return, and I have.", then asks the PC to come with her to Harper Hold as soon as possible. Instead I got the same dialogue that shows when you kick an NPC out now - the same one in the screenshot above. So I asked her to rejoin the party, went back to the Harper Hold, and it was empty - no Gavalrey to ask my PC silly questions about her favorite color, sadly enough. My Weidu.log is extremely long and I think this quest worked before I installed Level One NPCs, so if someone thinks they do need to see it I can PM it. Sorry if this isn't Level One NPCs' fault at all, like I said, it's just my best guess. On a side note... As I'm desperately trying to avoid having to reinstall or otherwise mess around with the mods I have installed in this game at the moment, if anyone happens to know a temporary workaround like a variable I could set to make the Harpers -think- I had that conversation with Jaheira, that would also be great and I'd appreciate it.
  6. Quoted for truth. Thanks, Berelinde. Great for people like me who feel guilty roleplaying through ToB and leaving people stuck there.
  7. Oh, awesome. I've been waiting for this to be released to reinstall. Thanks, Nythrun!
  8. I just like druids... and evil elves... and evil elven druids... ...yeah.
  9. Okay, you may have a point there. I loved that about Kivan too... Hm.
  10. Looks really nice- the helmet and sword both, wow. The one thing that sounds a bit off, please correct me if I'm wrong: This should be that, right?
  11. Thanks, glad to see that was resolved quickly.
  12. Loving this mod so far, it's given me a lot more variety in party composition and that's awesome. A minor thing- I set Nalia as a mage/thief multiclass, and she came with chainmail (+1, I think) equipped. Pretty sure that neither mages nor thieves can use chainmail, so this seems like an oversight of some sort. Just thought I'd point that out.
  13. Xan. I think I've actually only had one party -without- Xan in it since March 2006.
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