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Firstly, I LOVE this tweak pack. It's great!!!! My difficulty is that a couple of items are unidentified.


Carsomyr is one. (No modded items have been identified so far, but I did not know until I checked the page that they were supposed to be identified.)


Also, the upgraded helms from Item Upgrade still have their animations. This is one of my FAVORITE tweaks, so, please, someone add in the removal of the IU helm! :cry:



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Is this the normal Carsomyr or an Upgraded version? I can't remember offhand how the tweak is coded, but it should be simple to add that.


For the Remove Helmet Animations I think we might have to know the filanames of the items to affect them, but on the other hand maybe not. It'd be best to wait for Cam or Ido to answer rather than me just sit here and spout garbage.

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In both those tweaks, the pack adjusts all items in the game. This means that items from mods installed after the tweak pack are not affected.


IIRC Wes' Item Upgrade overwrites Carsomyr, so if you installed it after the tweak pack it would not be affacted, nor would any of the upgraded items. If you were to reinstall Item Upgrade and then install the Tweak Pack after it, everything should work. :cry:

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