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A Character made für GemRB


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I have not had feedback about the requirements of the engine yet (this thread: http://forums.gibberlings3.net/index.php?s...mp;#entry169273 ).

So I took a fileformat that's easy to convert.




It is a simple figure with a walkcycle and a "stand" pose (both for each direction).

It might be used for a small "mockup"-Testgame that will not infringe any copyrights.


It's 24 bit png, 100x100pixels. It could have been cropped smaller, but I figured I would need the room if I was to include weapon-animations later. (And I did not know if the engine likes different sized animations for the same character).


I am not quite sure wheather (and how) to include it in the version-control. If someone feels that it should be put there I would be gratious if you could do it (or show me how I shoud do it)



I will soon post some simple kind of room. I do hope to find the time to improve the lighting - seems like that did not go well in the renderings. Other things (other charactes, aditional animations) might take a while, since there are many other issues occupying my free time at the moment.

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Haha, i spent 10-20 minutes in writing that separate BMPs are better than PNGs.


Please read that note first, maybe you will find that creating a BAM is easy.

I don't really have the means of converting a png sequence into bmp's (i should find a tool and learn it).

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Nice job!

It can later be included in our repository, but I don't want to force you to learn the VCS. Are you already familiar with git or some other system? The last thing we want is to impede you. ???

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Can any maya user convert this to an open format (.obj?) and post it here? This would be helpful for further use. :)


I contacted joc-wi and got a zip of mostly .png and .mb files


http://www.box.com/s...d005b61c721f327 (10.7M)

Copyright 2010-2012 Jochen Winkler <http://www.jochen-winkler.com/>


He kindly released the work under open source licenses:

I release this artwork under the terms of both GPL3 ( http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html ) and CC-BY-SA3 ( http://creativecommo...nses/by-sa/3.0/ ) You can apply either one or both of these licenses to my artwork. Later versions of these licenses can also be used.
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