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GTweak pack idea


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An idea popped into that head of mine of why not make a movement rate tweak? This would make characters with a higher dexterity move at a slightly faster rate, perhaps slightly similar to monks and their movement rates. The difference between a dexterity of 9 and 10 would hardly be noticable, but a character of 20 dexterity would move at twice the speed than a character with 10 dexterity.


After all, clumsy characters stumble more, and have a harder time moving than nimble ones.


If it's possible to make an armoured arcana component, why not make this one for a future release? Just a thought. :cry:



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Twice the speed? I think that's a little too much...


I am not sure on things like this, since speed should depend on STR and CON and the weight you are carrying and what you are wearing too, etc. But it might be nice to do a tweak causing different PC races to move at different rates - I think halflings and dwarves move more slowly than humans, for example.

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