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Lots of Refinements components won't be compatible since we're doing the same/similar things ourselves. This include revised HLAs, new kits, NPC revisions, some creature revisions (e.g. Firkraag), and the rebalanced druid spell selection.

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Just as well there will only be one. :cry:







Jokes aside, our kits and stuff which Refinements also tweaks will probably be a separate mod, and will definitely be separate components, so if you decide you like the work of Littiz and TGM better you can always just install that.

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Hopefully. While I personally won't be doing much testing to make sure LoI works with the other huge mods, any new animations will use the BP-BGT list, there won't be any music, and 99.99% of changes to original files will modify them rather than overwrite them.


The two main areas that may lead to problems are the changes to original creatures and items. I'm not sure how well the new scripts for dragons and rakshasa will play with BP's complete AI overhaul. Any changes BP makes to original items will probably remain, but may not be mentioned in the item description; this is currently particularly true of any original arrows, bolts, bows or crossbows BP might modify.


FYI, these are the mods I do plan to extensively test with LoI to ensure comptability:


- BG2 Fixpack

- BG Tweak Pack

- Arcane Remix

- Divine Remix

- Song & Silence

- Sword & Fist

- NPC Strongholds

- Quest Pack

- Unfinished Business


EDIT: Mod for the Wicked will be tested too, once it's out.

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in a similar vein: will this mod also be compatible with the worldmap mod, or are you creating your own? also - general things to watch out for in installing other mods, such as AI changes (like in d0 quest pack), or minor worldmap changes (like g3 tweaks reveal wilderness areas), etc. ?


one last thing, i am profoundly sorry to be 'that guy', but any idea on an ETA? This has been my most anticipated mod by far, and am kind of wary of getting further into a current game or other mods as this will for sure be one of those 'install right after fixpack' kind of things.


i have no plans on installing this with other crap huge quest mods like TDD. i am very glad that G3 has undertaken its own venture into a major mod, as G3 has the most quality mods, in my opinion. Everything you are planning to include sounds awesome and interesting rather than just 'copy and paste a baldurs gate or icewind dale map and include a silly quest with bugs'.

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LoI will indeed make use of the worldmap mod; in fact, Yacomo even included some new icons specifically for LoI. This means LoI should be compatabile with any other worldmap altering mod that's compatible with the worldmap mod.


AI tweaks should be fine, with the possible exception of any that modify any of the handful of creatures that LoI does. Currently I plan to modify the various dragons, rakshasa, kuo-toa, drow, and Drizzt & co., though there are several others I'd like to get around to.


As for an ETA, I've been trying to get a demo done for over a year now, but it keeps getting delayed for various reasons, such as jobs with late hours, broken computers, other mods, and whatnot. Most of the non-quest related content (new & modified items, improved creatures, new portraits, etc) for it has been ready for awhile, but I'd like to get at least a couple of quests done for it too.

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im not entirely sure if this is worth asking, cause im not sure if you checked but ill ask anyway just to be an ass :). will the HLAs provided by LoI, let the "large scale battle" from the bigg quest pack, operate properly? If not would it be possible to install refinement ones instead (only the HLAs?)

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New kits (at least those chosen during character generation) and revised/new HLAs will no longer be a part of LoI; they've long since been split off into Divine Remix, Song & Silence, and Sword & Fist.


I believe everything that we now have planned for LoI will be compatible with all current components of Refinements. If work ever gets started on Refinements again that might change (specifically some of their plans for items and creatures will conflict with some of LoI's own changes), but development on that mod has been stalled for quite some time now.

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