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Bugs and typos for v5


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Some potential typos in v5.






@47 = ~I seem to have misunderstood your intention. I am afraid I have no interest in the knowlege you offer.~


knowlege -> knowledge




@200 = ~Woe be unto me! I should never have been so bold, had I known that you were promised to another! May Torm may forgive me for allowing my own lust to rule me thusly. I must depart!~


May Torm may forgive -> May Torm forgive




@83 = ~Allright, I am finished.~


Allright -> All right


@121 = ~(Bjornin takes his breath in sharply. He moves one hand to his breeches, as if to pull it up again, but does not proceed. His hand lays on the side of his breeches for a moment, trembling, before he lifts his arm to fold it again under his head. His retained breath comes out as a groan, full of supressed passion.)~


supressed -> suppressed




@51 = ~The Guild frowns on taking, shat we say, "liberties" among its members. But I have seen your eyes following me. Perhaps there is something you want...~


shat -> shall


@117 = ~I do not choose to hunt such quarry with you, Renal. You are amusing, but not fit to bed me. (You step away his bedside.)~


away his -> away from his




@88 = ~(Anne looks like nothing would please her more then to hit you, but her voice is cool and controlled.) Thank you for your continued interest in my financial welfare, but regrettably I must decline.~


then -> than




@112 = ~I see. Is there any fois gras left? Or caviar?~


fois gras -> foie gras




@25 = ~I am unsure that I understand what you meaning, my lord. Would you care to elaborate?~


meaning -> mean


@156 = ~We are lucky to be surrounded by such beautiful lands as we are. Of course, there is also the swamp, although it is said to be the home of some stunning flowers, which only serves to make it more appealing then normal.~


then -> than


@169 = ~Well thought, my Lord. It seems that you have a more discerning eye that I had originally thought.~

that I -> than I




@2 = ~Not immediately, but there is a matter I must attend do, and it will be sooner rather than later.~


do -> to


@49 = ~It's alright. This is new experience for me as well. I am a little apprehensive myself.~


is new -> is a new


@71 = ~And you have proven yourself admirably. If these fools cannot accept you for who you are, then to hell them. Come with me, Cernick. You are strong and capable and I would be honoured to have you at my side.~


to hell them -> to hell with them




@208 = ~Chanelle, I apologize. I am nervous here, and a little unsure of how to act. Please, stay. I just don't now how to behave. And your beauty is setting me on fire, confusing me even more. Please?~


now -> know




@129 = ~The Tree looked beautiful at any time, but that day the beauty was eerie, unwonted. The golden leaves fell, spinning in the air, not desiring to come down, because there was no wind. Instead of a natural pale green, the daylight was the color of blood, and particles of dust danced in the light. The very air of Suldanesselar was polluted.~


Suldanesselar -> Suldanessellar




@5 = ~You had better came to discuss my payment, woman.~


came -> come


@28 = ~(She kisses you thoroughly. At first, the realization that this is the woman whom you first met as a clone, mysterious and violent, in the darkest dungeon of your adventuring carrier; the woman who once loved a man who took your soul; the woman who is the queen of an elven nation that you saved, overshadows the sensation of the first kiss.)~


carrier -> career


@43 = ~Are you? I was looking deep into your eyes. They are too worldly to need any advice form a Queen in the hidden forest.~

@44 = ~That is what I thought just now, looking deep into your eyes. They are too worldly to need any advice form a Queen in the hidden forest.~


form -> from




@255 = ~(He swirls the wine slowly in his glass, regarding you over it's bowl.) Nothing that bears repeating, I assure you.~


it's -> its




@78 = ~Yes, well...I live to serve you. (The biting sarcasm in his voice is a strong contrast to the desire that shines in his eyes as moves closer to your body.)~


as moves -> as he moves




@6 = ~Pleased to meet your acquaintance, madam.~


meet -> make




@19 = ~The singing is enjoyable, <CHRNAME>, but we should be about our business. Waste no more time here.~




@184 = ~(She melts into your arms, warm and alive, nose to none, eyes to eyes.)~


none -> nose


@232 = ~(Her kisses rain fire your neck, and her hands seek your pleasure under the table.)~


fire your -> fire on your


@247 = ~All this talk, and you are still not jumping in the sack with me. Don't you ever to anything more interesting with those ruby lips?~


to -> do




@25 = ~For the coming hours, Veldrin. Only for the next several hours will I call you master. See, I kneel down, and beg your fogiveness, *Master*... Now, use me as you will.~

@26 = ~For the coming hours, Veldrin. Only for the next several hours will I call you mistress. See, I kneel down, and beg your fogiveness, *Mistress*... Now, use me as you will.~


fogiveness -> forgiveness



@0 = ~And that, as they say, as that. It is a pity, but all things must end in time.~


as that -> is that




@148 = ~Maybe so, but I think this is as good a time as any for me to make my leave. Farewell, Viekang.~


make -> take


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Huge thanks for the typo reports; all done. As for other changes: all integrated, though Anne's changes would have to wait for the creator's word, and for Sheri, I'll probably need a new file if you guys want me to correct the offset(works okay now, though).

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