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Romance Pack, NWN2 and Windows 7


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NWN2 isn't like BG2. You don't actually have banter, so there aren't a lot of actual conflict dialogues. There is a bit of snarking by one about the other, but it's late in Act 2, early in Act 3. Casavir has two dialogues, one where he notices that Bishop pays the PC a lot of attention, the other where he can't imagine how the PC can tolerate Bishop at all. Then there's the Temple of Seasons, where Bishop mocks Casavir and Casavir returns with something along the lines of "Is that really what you think of me?" IIRC, Domi added something after a certain event at the very end of the game. Some of Casavir's dialogues are triggered by Bishop's, so if Bishop's gets skipped for whatever reason, you won't get Casavir's.


There's a dialogue list for Bishop on the Vault, but it's with the Bishop Romance, not with the NWN2 Romance Pack.

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