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Romance Pack, NWN2 and Windows 7


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My apologies if this is answered somewhere but I have problems to where start looking.


I have the followin questions:


-If installing NWN2 on Windows 7, do I have to do it in a special way (like for BGII) if I want to be able to install the Romance Pack (or mods in general)?


-Will the romance pack work for non-english game versions (German in my case)?


And one thing I don't know:

-Does Casavir romance the PC in the original game, too (with less content, obviously), or is the whole romance added by the mod?


Thank you for your answers.

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I have NWN2 installed on Windows 7, and I don't remember having to jump through any hoops. But then again, I didn't have to do anything special for BGII...


No idea on the non English thing.


But Casavir does romance the PC in the orginal game. (And argues with a certain ranger as well). But the mod adds more flavor and depth to the whole affair.


Hope this helped.

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To install NWN2 on W7:

1) install the game

2) install the expansions, if you have them

3) PATCH THE GAME!!! it is fundamental!


If you have still problems, install also DirectX 9.0c. W7 has DirectX 11 but the game works with the 9 version. 9 and 11 don't delete each other, they can live together on your system, so, don't worry.


After you have done that, download the romance mod and copy the files in the override folder in the game. You just have to follow the instructions on the main download page. Easy as it is written, total time, 2 minutes ;-)

The pack works for not-English versions (I have the Italian one and it works perfectly) just, of course, you will see that dialogues, at a certain point, would switch into English, but the other parts of the game are still in the same language as they should.


The original game has just Casavir and Elanee as romance options (for females and males respectively). The pack adds a lot of dialogues and also flirting menus for those already existing romance, plus Bishop romance. They are also working on Neeska and Sand romance. But since I don't play a male PC, I don't know if the Neeshka one is already complete!


Hope this would help!

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EDIT: OK, but this is a stupid one: It sais the FP_Music.7z has to be unzipped into the folder ../music. If i do this, I have the folder FP_Music in there. I guess it means I should put the the content of the FP_Music folder into the NWN Music folder, not the (unzipped folder)?

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Sure, inside the NWN folder there are many other folders, one of them is called "Music". Just unzip the romance pack downloaded file, then put the folders (that come from unzipping) named as the companions (Elanee, Casavir, Bishop and Neeshka) into the override folder (inside the NWN folder) and the voice file into the music folder. That's all!

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Talk to the NPC. If you get a "flirt with" option, the romance is still active. There are variables set that can be checked in variable.xml or globals.xml, but I don't know if changing them does anything. Domi's prefix is p#, same as it is everywhere, but I used b#... or maybe it was b_...

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Where would I find a list of lovetalks for Bishop, best also including the conflicts with Casavir?


I have both in my group now after the trial and thought to see one of their bickering dialogues, but the time passes by and they do not talk... I guess I am too impatient.

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