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Older versions of SCS(II)


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This thread at SHS woke me up to something I should have realised before: that even if I update a mod, automated install scripts are still going to point to the old, non-updated version until and unless they are in turn updated. That might make sense if I were doing a pure content update, but SCS(II) is mostly finished now, and updates are usually bugfixes and compatibility fixes.


Since I really don't want to encourage download links to older versions of a mod whose bugs I've fixed, I've decided to change the filenames of older versions when I upload the newer version. So now that version 16 of SCS is uploaded, version 15 is now scsII-v15_archival.exe . So it's still available if you want it for some reason (thesis on the history of BG2 mods?...) but it won't blindly be downloaded.


I won't automatically do this when I do an update, but I will when (as in the most recent case) I'm fixing any kind of critical or semicritical bug, unless there's a strong reason not to that I'm missing.

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