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BG:TotSC playthrough


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I am right now playing through baldurs gate: tales of the sword coast and I have created this thread to keep track of the bugs that I have encountered. I am using the latest version of the game patched to the lastest patch, and running the git version of gemrb. I am not using any addons.


The first thing I have noticed besides the known issues, is that you get a number of -1 reputation hits during Gorions fight with Saravok right after leaving Candlekeep. The number doesn't seem to be static, but so far I haven't in three attempts been able to avoid the reputation hit.

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No magic. Reputation loss for CLASS_INNOCENT and CLASS_FLAMING_FIST is handled in the Killed() Trigger processing. It's skipped if EA of the active cre is > 15.

Haha, i thought it is skipped if the dead cre's EA is < 15.

That explains a lot.

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Okay, I've found a new bug in bg-totsc:

In Cloackwood 1 the Quest with the Druids and Aldeth is broken.

If want to kill the druids only one of them attaks.After killing him you can't talk to Aldeth anymore.If you attack the other druids that didn't attacked you they're sometimes not marked as dead(They still got a red circle).

If you want to kill Aldeth it looks just like the same:He doesn't attaks you.After killing him the druids don't talk to you.

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Okay this works.

So,here are bugs:

-The game often crashes without an error message when moving betwee areas in Baldur's Gate

-Alora appears in the House of Wonders even at daytime

-It can be really hard to enter houses or go up/down stairs(this didn't worked well in the original game either,but in gemrb it is worse)

-When other characters talk to you the game often scrolls down,so you can't see anything

-In some areas in Baldur's Gate the map isn't displayed and the party isn't displayed where it should be

-hotspots are not exactly there where the area is(this is a very small bug but when you are in Baldur's Gate it can really go on your nerves)

-Kaigain does not regenerate

-Monsters always die again when you enter their areas

-The sun sometimes shines when it is night

-The spell knock does not work.Casting it on doors does nothing.

-Enemies are sometimes not marked as enemies


I hope theese are not to much. ;) ;)

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