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STATE in cre files : what's the use ?


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I've looked over dltcep few days ago and I've noticed that there are some components that I don't understand in cre file. For example, "STATE part" : What's the use of different tags ? It isn't possible to have sames results thanks to effects (#25 (0x019) State: Poison [25],etc...)

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I think effects are better for that sort of thing. EFFs at least you can specify whether they can be dispelled, whereas I'm not sure you can for state flags. The only time I think I've set these are for CREs that are supposed to be asleep or dead.

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Ok I see. Just... I've somme difficults with these terms :














Is it possible to explain them to me in few words please ? I have the feeling that some terms are almost alike...

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Well, I haven't used those states, possibly because most of them seem especially stupid. The various "death" states mean the creature would be dead in those manners. They *might* make sense for some NPCs, and in fact Branwen in BG1 is affected by state_stone_death because she is petrified when you first encounter her. I'd also guess Draw Upon Holy Might means permanently affected by that spell and "chantbad" is the "bad" form of the Chant spell (what affects enemies rather than allies). But that's just a guess.

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