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Specialist Wizard kits revision


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Fun fact I was not aware of (and possibly no one, until Ascension64 reversed the engine), which could/should impact balancing of Generalist vs. Specialist Wizards:

"The LEARN_SPELL value is modified for mage specialists, with +15 for same school spells, and -15 for non-same school spells."


That is, if I understand correctly, that Specialists have a +/- 15 bonus and penalty when memorizing spells from scrolls!

I don't know about you, but when learning a spell fails, I reload rather than try to find/buy the scroll again. That, or install the 100% learn spells tweak. It's no fun when your shiny new loot disappears in a puff of smoke, never to be seen again.

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That is kind of a cheat, and apparently a feature killing one now.
I know, but CPRG != PnP. And after replaying the game several times, one generally starts to assume some things for given, like 'I'm playing FM, so I'll learn Spell Trigger to store PFMW+GoI+ImpHaste in it', and when they do find a scroll and fail to learn it's not gonna be pretty.
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