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EMaD bug report (spoiler)


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One of Cliffette's mini-quests in EMaD, the troll's lover, has a bug. If you take Cerese to see Tegenk, the quest resolves and Cerese is supposed to EscapeArea(). Unfortunately, she actually turns up back in Trademeet--and if you talk to her, she re-starts the cutscene to go to the Grove and, since Tegenk is no longer there, the game gets stuck in cutscene mode.

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I just ran into another bug with this component of the mod. First, when I had met Tregnek and agreed to the quest, he gave me the finger, then quickly died and the game crashed to desktop.


I reloaded a save and talked to him again, this time he didn't die, but he moved around the right side of the rock he is standing behind. Now when I talk to Cerese to finish the quest, the game takes me to where Tregnek is supposed to be... but he's around the other side of the rock and out of line of sight. The game gets stuck in cutscene mode.



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