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ARE offset 0x0014:

Area flag (see AREAFLAG.IDS).
BG1:TotS, IWD:ToTL, BG2:ToB:

bit 1: Normal state
bit 2: No save/rest allowed
bit 3: Tutorial area (not BG1)
bit 4: Dead magic zone
bit 8: Dream

The correct info, for the first two bits anyway, is:

Bit 0 = Save Game Allowed (0) or Save Allowed (1)

Bit 1 = Normal(0) or Tutorial (1)


If Dead Magic Zone follows the same erroneous pattern, then it should be Bit 2. Otherwise it's okay as is.



ARE, Doors, offset 0x0088, is the Door Detection Difficulty, used for when the door is a secret/hidden door.

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