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Inescapable situation when returning Mimic blood to Cowled Wizard

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You are able to position your party members around the Golem (found in the mage's house) in a way that prevents the cut scene involving the mage from working, he can't get near enough to give the Golem the Mimic Blood because he can't push my party members out of the way and so the cutscene just stays as is, no party control etc. and most importantly the GUI is disabled during the cut scene too so only way out is to quit the game via Alt-F4 (poor Boo :thumbsup:) or Ctrl-Alt-Delete.

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Inescapable situation? I've never had this problem myself.

The simplest solution would be not to surround the golem. However, I suppose someone could fix this, well...what is it? It's not a bug, not really.

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Well the Wizard is meant to walk next to the Golem before initiating the next part of it's conversation but if your characters block the way then the Wizard will get stuck in a loop attempting to push your characters out of the way (You can see the wizard fluctuating back and forth a bit as it repeatedly tries to get to it's destination).


The cutscene disables the GUI so you can't open any menu's or pause the game even and thus you must somehow quit the game.




I knew the Golem was going to start going berserk so that's why I had my party members around the Golem.

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