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special walksounds in PST


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I've found a new unused field (99.9% exclusive to PST).

It is a WAV resource field before the talk points.

It is important to set info flag 0x400 - if it is unset, only a special wav (jrgwav09) would be played

Also it is important to set the trap reset flag, otherwise you will hear the sound only once.

The trapped flag must also be set to have ANY effect.

Not all sounds seem to be played, but the one listed definitely produced sounds for me.


My region looks like this:

011ch Region #1				
 011ch Label			Exit4						   
 013ch Type			 0000
 013eh Left			 0298
 0140h Top			  02ae
 0142h Right			0307
 0144h Bottom		   02f5
 0146h Vertex count	 0009
 0148h Vertex index	 00000000
 014ch UNKNOWN		  00000000
 0150h Cursor type	  00000022
 0154h Dest. area			   
 015ch Dest. entrance								   
 017ch Info flags	   00000406
 0180h Strref		   00000000
 0184h Trap detection   0000
 0186h Trap removal	 0000
 0188h Trapped		  0001
 018ah Detected		 0000
 018ch Launch point	 [0252.02f6]
 0190h Key					  
 0198h Script				   
 01a0h Use point		[0000.0000]
 01a4h UNKNOWN		  00000000
 01a8h UNKNOWN		  00000000
 01ach UNKNOWN		  00000000
 01b0h UNKNOWN		  00000000
 01b4h UNKNOWN		  00000000
 01b8h UNKNOWN		  00000000
 01bch UNKNOWN		  00000000
 01c0h UNKNOWN		  00000000
 01c4h UNKNOWN		  00000000
 01c8h Wav			  JFLEA08 
 01d0h Talk point	   [02a6.029a]
 01d4h Name strref	  00000000
 01d8h Dialog

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Just plugging this in here as this is also PST and an unknown wav field:


#195 (0x0C3) Tint Playing Screen Fade


The resource field is a wav resref. I haven't tested if it works yet (will do so soon).

Sadly the Flash screen opcode doesn't handle the resource field, even though it constructs the flash object (always) with an empty wav resref.

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