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Mod order installation?

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After a couple years playing WoW and then DA, I've felt a return of yearning for the classic world of BG. And of course, since I remember from my previous adventures how wonderful of a sidekick Gavin is, I want to reinstall this mod, seeing as my old HD fried with my savegames. Ah well. C'est la vie.


A lot's changed in the modding scene since I've gone! So it's EasyTutu now, is it? And I can't find anywhere in Gavin's readme the recommended mod install order?


I plan to use:

EasyTutu (installed first, of course)

EasyTutu NPC kits (installed right after)

BG1 NPC project



The info in the Tutu's readme only mentions the three first ones. So is there a requirement to where I install Gavin (i.e. before or after BG1NPCP?)


I look forward to all the fixed typos and streamlined code :)

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So it's EasyTutu now, is it? And I can't find anywhere in Gavin's readme the recommended mod install order?
The general Tutu install order is here. Yes, you have the right order...

And what comes to the BG1Tutu, vs. EasyTUTU, the EasyTUTU is English only, but it's far better at it, for example you can play the BG2 from the original location if you use the option...

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This isn't the perfect forum to ask, but since there are such helpful and competent people around...


There seems to be an inconsistency between EasyTutu's readme and the info in the link Jarno supplied. Do I, or do I not, have to patch BG1 before installing EasyTutu?


The EasyTutu doc mentions only SoA/ToB patch, while the Jarno link speaks of patching TotSC as well.


I have an issue with patching TotSC because my computer decided to be stupid. I installed BG1 without TotSC, started a game, everything fine. Then I installed TotSC, said I refused to install DirectX 6.2 (duh!) and now the game says "This version cannot launch on a non-English operating system." I played BG before and never got that stupid error before. At this point I'm hoping Tutu does not rely on the BG1 install too much so I can still play... Not sure it's going to work. If computer keeps being stupid, I suppose I will play without TotSC or find another package for BG1 than the old-as-the-world-6CD version I have now... All this to say I'm really hoping I don't have to patch TotSC...

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Disregard. All installed, fine. (For future reference to anyone who might use the info, the "cannot play on a non-english OS" can be tricked simply by setting Windows regional and language option. Eh.)

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