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This was all noticed while editing BG2.


New/Renamed fields in GAM 2.0:


0x001C (#PCs n/i Protagonist) is currently shown to be a dword, but the data suggests it is a word.

0x001E (word) unknown; I haven't figured out what the data here means. Sometimes zero, sometimes not.

0x0074 (dword) Game Time (real seconds); this is the realtime timer value at the time of saving.


GAM 2.0 > NPCs:


The Quick Weapon indeces at 0x008C are correctly shown in the offsets to be words, but the size shows them as dwords, and the unused/unknown data from 0x0094 to 0x009B isn't shown.


The Quick Item indeces at 0x00B4 are actually word values. #1 is at 0x00B4, #2 is at 0x00B6 and #3 is at 0x00B8. The data from 0x00BA to 0x00BF is unknown/unused.


GAM 2.0 > NPCs > Character Stats:


0x000C is a dword. This is the "Time Joined", or the value of the realtime timer at the time the character joined the party. This is used to calculate the "Time Spent with Party" in the character information screen.


GAM 2.0 > Journal Entry:


0x0B (byte) appears to be a flag, not a Current Chapter number. Values I've seen in BG2 are:

-0x1F = refers to external string (in TOH/TOT, etc.)

-0xFF = refers to internal string (TLK)


In BG2, it is set to 0xFF for all entries except user entries.


ARE 1.0 > Actors:


0x0028 (dword), "CRE Loaded?"; 0 = yes, 1 = no. By default, actors have this flag set to 1. After an area has been loaded into memory, CREs are attached to the actor structure and this flag is set to 0. Changing the value of this location in an unsaved ARE seems to have no effect; CREs still get loaded when the area is entered for the first time, and this variable gets set to zero. Even spawned actors have this flag set to zero.


0x002C (word), "Spawned?"; 0 = no, 1 = yes. This is used when an area is loaded into memory. Actors created through the spawning mechanism have this flag set.



Edit: cleared up some terminology; added some info.

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