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[Release] Tchos' Planescape: Torment portrait replacement mod

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I read the forums carefully to determine where to post this announcement, and this seemed like the proper place. I hope a kindly moderator will correct the location if I was incorrect.


Tchos' portrait mod for Planescape: Torment

by Tchos



To replace the 3D character portraits in the game with high-quality hand-painted portraits, as other Infinity Engine games used, such as Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale, which are more aesthetically pleasing than the 3D character portraits in PS:T. These replacements occur where they appear in the PC/NPC section of the journal, in the stat screens, and the inventory paperdolls. Ideally, future releases of this mod will include replacements for the portraits at the bottom of the gameplay screen, as well as replacements for the rest of the recruitable party members, and perhaps more general NPCs.


The central location for this mod is the following page on my blog:



Current version is v0.90



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Is there a way to edit posts here? At any rate, the file now includes a WeiDU installer, courtesy of GhostDog, so I've changed the version number to 0.91.

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