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A question about deegreenifier and other things

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I managed to successfully install easyTutu on top of BG1/TotSC/BG2/ToB. It all works fine and the game plays great, except for crashes in Beregost although I understand their is a mod to fix that. I am aware of the BiGWorld mod which is supposedly better than Tutu (maybe not, I read that but people make things up) although I had a lot of trouble getting it to install, even just the basic version.


Anyway, the problems I have are in applying the easyTutu fix and the Degreenifier, they extract in wine but I get various errors when trying to execute them. My question for this forum is not how do I install these in wine but is it the case that all these mods do is modify data files? if therefore I was to do an install on Windows XP then transfer the modded files would that cause any problems? Which folders would I need to transfer? If I install in the same directory (say C:Games) in wine as I do in XP could I transfer the whole lot accross? I am a *nix user and developer so my Windows knowledge is basic, the everything is a file mantra I know does not hold.


A lot of questions I know.


Thanks in advance



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