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Items Added by BG1NPC mod/what, where, how


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Figured I'll make a list for those who are interested :rolleyes:


PC - related items:


Lord Foreshadow - (Player1 Charisma below 16) - Ring of Human Influence


NPC's dialogues - related items:


Ajantis - (joining in the party) - personal medium shield, gives specialization in sword and shield style

Coran - (Female PC, talking to Brilla) - ruby ring

Eldoth - (talking to Bentley)- Various new non-magical items for sale in the FAI

Faldorn - (talking to Iezefia before and after Peter of the North) - potion of healing, antidot

Faldorn - (talking to Aramande before and after Cloackwood mines are flooded) - Large Shield useable by druids

Imoen - (Imoen is not Mage DC, killed Tarnesh) - dexterity spell

Imoen - (In the Elfsong Tavern) - an amulet for PC with + 1 to saving throws

Jaheira - (Nashkel Carnival, talked to Zeke, Branwen not released) - free scroll of Stone to Flesh

Kivan - (talk to Thalantir) - spear + 1 of entanglement

Safana - (banter with Ajantis) - chest

Safana - (banter with Skie in Baldur's Gate) - various jewlery

Skie - (banter with Eldoth, after meeting Jessup in the Estate) - Cloak of non-detection

Skie - (talking to Dora) - bloodstone amulet

Xzar - (defeating Shlumpsa) - mysterious vial

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OK, here goes it (to be added as the quests are added in):






Guide to Parenthood, Everfull Milk Bottles, Baby Namara, Brielbara's Potion Case (Sturgeon), An Amulet of Pprentice Mage, Succubus' Toe Ring, Withered Roses, Red Roses, Multicolored Powders, The Powders of a Wanderer (Firewine Ruins and Temple of Lathander)




Ultimate Compendum (Nashkel Carnival), Bardic Chain (Ulcaster Ruins, Improved in Sorcerer's Sundries)




Club +2, Eye of the Storm (Cloackwood Lodge), Staff-spears, Staff+2 (Cloackwood Wyvern's Map)




Long Bow +1, AC Bonus 1 (Wyrm's Crossing), Boomerang Dagger, Pearl Necklace




Bag of Turnips and Grains (Nashkel Carnival)




Mithril rings (various), Dryad's ichor (Cloudpeaks), Vial of Mysterious Liquid (BG Sewers), Ring of Mental Defence (Sorcerous Sundries)

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